Collection is inspired by Ukrainian folk-art of hot-blown glassware. From old times our country was renowned for its glass-blowers which were working on small manufactures. 17th century was the time of glass-art blossoming - the preserved examples testify that Ukrainian craftsmen were not only skilled masters but talented artists as well.

In the middle of 19 c. small manufactures of glass blowers seized to exist failing to compete with big glass factories of the period. But nowadays there is even no glass factory left in Ukraine, the last of which has bankrupted several years ago, while small private ateliers and glass-masters started to appear.

Gunia_project presents its collection of hot-blown glassware items aimed at restoration and re-thinking of beautiful, once forgotten, folk-art through the techniques of free glassblowing, allowing for full demonstration of extraordinary plasticity, beauty and decor-orientation of the materials used.