The new collection of Gunia Project marks the debut of the line of basic jewelry. Earrings and pendants on chains of different lengths are made of silver covered with yellow gold. You can wear them separately or style them together as shimmering cascades of chains. Products are unisex and suitable for both girls and guys. 

While working on the collection the founders of the brand Natalya Kamenskaya and Maria Gavryliuk were discovering the world of totemic animals inherent to Ukrainian culture. In the first collection these animals represent symbols associated with specific historical epochs.

"Sun" and "Lyuti Zvir - Riska" are the amulets from the era of the Christianization of Kyiv Rus, while earrings and pendant with a lion can be dated back to the period of Ukrainian baroque. The image itself is inspired by the oldest sculptural image of the Lviv city symbol - Lev Lorentsovich. According to the aesthetics of the brand the images are naive-styled so that predators look like tamed pets.

With this new collection the brand continues to expand its product line. “Gunia is a brand project. We want to create new traditions, to rethink history in modern design, to make things that will continue living as family treasures, ”says Natalya Kamenskaya.
material - silver with gilding.