The new collection of the Gunia Project "Glass" is a new stage in the development of the brand, known for its scarves, shirts and trench coats with author's prints inspired by the Ukrainian towel bars from the Potter Museum. These are ceramics, décor items and quartz glassware created by masters who have been keeping knowledge of ancient techniques of work for generations - in terms of the quality of their creation they are not inferior to Murano glass.
Ceramic large plates are embellished with patterns from silk kerchiefs and painted by hand.
The inspiration of the collection was folk icons painted on glass from Western Ukraine - Bukovyna, Hutsul, Pokuttya. The images of Saint Barbara and Yuri Zmeeborets are taken out of the traditional sacral context and are used as a print: the technical imperfection of the amateur drawing of the author acquires a new emotional value in objects of subject design.
material - ceramic