Silk Degas headscarf

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While preparing a new collection of silk scarves, the creators of the Gunia Project decided to study the events of 120 years ago and were inspired by a series of works by Edgar Degas in 1899. World-famous Russian Dancers are a brilliant example of impressionism and historical incident, also well-known to art critics: Ukrainian artists are depicted on the canvases.

The new collection of silk scarves Gunia Project used the technical solutions of the artist. Silhouettes of dancers he painted with charcoal, the works themselves with pastel. The four options for the Gunia Project print are a selection from the rich Degas palette, on top of which is a white line that resembles a chalk drawing.

A series of scarves comes in silk, in one size 100x100 and is supposed to be a thing with repeated use as an accessory and a panel for the interior.